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Indoroman is the result of both a way of life and an aesthetic vision. India has had the greater part in stimulating excited feelings with its variety of textiles and the skill of its people. Indian fabrics reflect a universe of cultural influences; they are like history books wrapping the immense reservoir of culture that is India. Indoroman uses these handlooms to produce pieces, decorative items for the house and some accessories so as not to waste anything according to the Indian principle. The aesthetic of Indo-Roman, as its name shows, is based on the ideal consideration of a cultural basin spreading from India to the Mediterranean. The use of colours in ancient Rome is very similar to the Indian use. The patterns also have an important role for Indo-Roman. Through the appearance and disappearance of patterns and motifs on fabrics, a whole story of people's movements could be written. Therefore patterns are remote languages that convey many symbols. The world between India and Rome is a world of patterns: Turkish, Persian and central Asian, they are all connected and spread up to India and China. This area also contains the most sophisticated and richest textile cultural heritage of the whole world. It is where Indoroman is concentrating its attention. The textile research is large. It is important to try and show the beauty of the traditional skills and to re-evaluate them, even in the eyes of the local artisans, instead of having them mostly copy the western styles. Indoroman is produced mainly in India but also in Italy often using selected Italian linen or silk mixed with Indian, Turkish or central Asian materials. Quilts, throws, mats, accessories and embroidered borders are made in India whereas tablecloths, cushions and curtains are often made in Italy. In the Indoroman atelier of Via Gregoriana, 36 in Rome, Italy it is possible to buy unique pieces for the decor of your home or you can combine fabrics according to your tastes and invent your own collection. You can also find fashion accessories and clothing of the finest quality from different tribal and minority traditions. The Indoroman Collection is a perfect juxtaposition of old traditions with new conceptions.

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