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Andhra is the name of the central state of India called Andhra Pradesh wich is perhaps the most prolific in textile variety of India. In our collections we use many of the plain and patterned cottons from this region.
I Ching
The collection is based upon the symbols of Taoist and Buddhist China. In particular we use mandala diagrams wich are used in Buddhist meditation and represents the universe. We also use some of the 64 hexograms of the Taoist divinatory system called I Ching
Is a reflection of the classical Greek and Italian designs and motifs. Here one will find Greek meander patterns and Italian renaissance motifs together with the colours that are typical of the Mediterranean
As Turkey was the door to Central Asia and the cosmopolitan centre of the Mediterranean we have chosen its most important symbol for our collection.
La collezione PRITHVIMATA o TERRA MADRE volge l’attenzione alla natura paesaggistica. In completa armonia con i colori e i tessuti naturali della Terra le stampe delle foglie sono state eseguite con minerali da maestri indiani del block printing.
Altri Eventi
Other Events: Indoroman organises events every year ti present the new collections and to share travel experiences with clients and friends.
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